Artemy Mukhin is an emerging American composer, pianist, and Squash player. Artemy was born in 2005 in Boston. He was raised in Boston, Philadelphia, and currently lives in New York City.


Artemy’s music education began at the age of five, and his first compositions followed about a year later. Artemy worked under the supervision of his first teachers Larysa Skyban — a classical piano pedagogue from Ukraine, and David Dzubinski — jazz pianist and composer. Artemy continued his education with Dr. Pavel Gintov — a classical pianist, William Komaiko — jazz and classical pianist and Dr. Steven Sacco — an American composer. Currently he works with composer Dr. Jared Miler and is part of New York Youth Symphony.


Artemy began playing Squash in Philadelphia where he lived while attending Kindergarden-5th grade. His Squash ability was first noticed by Navin Samarasinghe — 8 time Sri Lankan national squash champion who brought Artemy to #3 in the US. Artemy was part of the Scozzie Squash team for several years. In New York Artemy continues to practice and compete staying at the top 15 US Junior players of his age. He received private lessons from Wael El Hindi -former World No.8 and Adrian Grant – professional Squash player with the highest ranking of World No. 9

Artemy (blue shirt)
Finger Lakes Gold 2019


Artemy is currently a sophomore at Special Music School and was a Composition Honors student at the Mannes School of Music for 3 years before that. See the Mentions page for details of his musical achievements.

August 2018