Artemy Mukhin is a composer, performer, and student at Bard College and Conservatory (*Expected graduation: June 2027). He graduated from the Special Music School in 2022, and completed Mannes Prep Pre-College School of Music in 2020. Born in Boston he currently lives in New York City.

Artemy’s music is characterized by “lovely organic flow” and “depth of feeling”. His compositions combine colorful harmony and texture with resonating melody, creating a sound-world that ranges from dark and melancholic to vibrant.

Artemy is honored that at a young age his compositions were read by many acclaimed musicians. You too can listen to his music performed by Metropolitan Opera soprano Lucy Shelton, renowned pianist Benjamin Grosvenor, harpist Bridget Kibbey, violinist David Fumer, Metropolitan Orchestra timpanist Jason Haaheim, chamber groups PUBLIQuartet, International Contemporary Ensemble, and Brooklyn Brass Quintet.

Artemy is very grateful to his fellow students and teachers at New York Youth Symphony , Mannes School of Music, and New York Philharmonic Very Young Composers for their friendship and dedication. The creative collaborations started at these programs have culminated with multiple chamber performances, premieres of Artemy’s work as well as won music awards.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Artemy created the Music Buddies program at his K-12 Special Music School. The weekly sessions were originally designed to help K-5 students with practice tips, increase younger students motivation to practice, broadened their music horizons and provide an opportunity for high schoolers to teach music theory. In addition, Music Buddies created a much needed connection between the Lower and High School, allowed the parents overburdened with remote work and monitoring kids academics to relax about music practice. The program served 12 lower school families and Artemy recruited 9 high school mentors to work in the program. Two of Artemy’s students started improvisation and dipped their toes in composition. Music Buddies program was a direct response to the Lower School parents asking for help with the very demanding pre-conservatory music standards at the Special Music School which were hard to achieve in demotivating remote environment

Artemy is a highly ranked national squash player.